Ogaden Community in Denmark Protest Ethiopian Prime Minister Visit


Ethiopians aligned to ONLF protest in Denmark

By: Mohamed Faarah

Somalilandsun – Ogaden community living in Denmark and its vicinity held a massive protest against Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn visit to Denmark on Tuesday.

According to information that Ogadentoday Press has obtained, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn came in Denmark to participate the climate change conference held in Copenhagen; Hailemariam was representing the African countries.

We have learned that Ethiopian Prime minister came to the Denmark, said an old man who hails from Ogaden region in eastern Ethiopia.

The man refuses his name to be published on the media and claim his relative back in Home (Ogaden) will be punished by the government.

Many in Ogaden say their families’ lives under fear.

Ethiopia government do not behalf like modern government, if you are an opposition your entirely family will be punished, the old man said angrily.

The protesters asked the government of Denmark and European nations to uphold the aid to Ethiopia.

A member of Ogaden Community, Mohamed Ahmed said to Ogadentoday Press that they are protesting against the human right abuses in Ogaden.

Our people are mistreated, humiliated, killed, they are living under terror every night, last week, some 15 people are killed, The Liyu Police even crossed the border and killed civilians in Somaliland, and Somalia, they loot people, and rape, said the Mohamed Ahmed.

Some female protesters said that they have been tortured in Ogaden and some of their relatives are unknown where they are about.

They accused the Paramilitary forces operating under Somali Ogaden regional administration for killing, raping and beating.

Protesters holding posters, “Free Ogadenia, Stop Aid to Ethiopia, Stop Genocide in Ogaden, NO AID DICTATORS IN ETHIOPIA

Swedish journalists Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye tell the media last week that Ogaden region was the worst place in the earth for human right abuses.

Human Right organizations accuse Ethiopia government abuses in Ogaden and Ethiopia has categorically denied these accusations.

Since 2005, Ethiopia government isolated Ogaden region from the World, Ethiopia imposed a ban all international aid and media organizations in Ogaden despite some are operating under the permit of intelligence surveillances.

ONLF, Ogaden National Liberation Front is fighting for the self-determination of Ogaden Region since 1994.