Minnesota Puntland communities DIVIDED – will this be the LEGACY of Dr. Gaas?


President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali -inset- divides Puntland community in Minneota2

Somalilandsun – As some of the Puntland Somali Diaspora community members that I spoke confirmed me, there will be a protest against Dr. Gaas outside Minneapolis convention center – which is the place that is expected Dr. Gaas to speak with the Somali community in MN. To some, that is an indicative of the division between Puntland communities in MN created by the visit of the Dr. Gaas which is getting deeper. It relates with the supporters of the 3.5 and those that oppose this concept.

Nevertheless, both camps claim that they are right while most of the people hope that this DIVISION will NOT be part of the legacy of Dr. Gaas since they would like to see a UNITING leader instead of a DIVIDING leader! Whatever the case is – those that oppose 3.5 system are claiming that there is no reason Dr. Gaas to oppose the 4.5 system since he is now using a much worst system called 3.5!

One of the leaders that oppose the 3.5 system stated that this is not an issue that they expect Dr. Gaas to fix or solve it since this issue will end once Mudug joins GalMudug and SSC state is created since they believe that Puntland’s income comes from one region while Mudug and SSC regions do not contribute any revenue at all since they do not generate enough. He added that Puntland controls half of Mudug while they do not control a meter of SSC.

Mohamed BarreEven though he declined to use his name, the leader that I spoke with is from one of the 3 Mudug communities and he believes that one day Mudug region will join with GalMudug.

The author Mohamed Barre – is an independent writer who lives in Minneapolis, MN –