Somaliland: Politicians, Be Sensitive to the Plight of the People!


Government efforts towards drought relief include supply of foodstuffs and water

Somalilandsun – It is true that the drought has bitten the land and its fangs have sunk deeply. It is also a fact that the people and their livestock has had a lot of misfortunes befall them.

While the situation is indeed poor, or dim as it may be deemed, we are lucky that as Muslims our populace have always been living in hope and higher expectations.

This is indeed a wonderful propelling factor.

Having said that much, it is quite perturbing to see that the plight of the people and their emotions are being played to the detriment of the same subjects.

After almost a half a dozen successful electioneering processes the behavior being palpated across the board is so heart rending; this is especially at a time when the people need something to boost their morale or rather is heart-warming.

The political parties are now behaving in a way that could surely severely undermine the dissection of the whole electioneering processes at the end of the day.

The process is not only voting. The process is not abusing each other. The process is not threatening to kill. And above all, the process is not tantrums and meet-the people tours cum campaigns in the name of mobilization at a time that the situations of the people are on edges needing intensive caring.

When the people have no water to drink, no food to cook, no funds to run their families or have been utterly displaced, how do the politicians and people pledging to lift their plights bog them with more burdens?

If the situation worsens, where would these aspirants get votes from?

The young, old and sundry are crying of the intensive drought that has taken its toll extensively. The government has tried its best to help in its own small but wonderful way to eke in whatever it could cobble together.

But we see our politicians moving in big style and in circles to, if anything, promote themselves other than help in the relief efforts.

If only we could be sincere, thankful to God and acknowledge our plight by helping each other deservedly, then would the Devine Blessing be showered upon us at every angle.

Our affluent ones in the populace should know better than not.

On the other hand we know that without peaceful stability and maintenance of the security, no life can be worth its salt.

We should not only stop but completely avoid the fueling of inflammatory words that may render people asunder.

Whether it is people in public offices, eminent personalities, contemporary leaders or the common folks in the streets we all should hold fort and put Somaliland first and everything else second.

Generally, vigilance against perpetrators of all ills and vices should be incumbencies upon all of us just as obligations that are ought to be upheld.

The media should be naturally be at the forefront of nurturing our homegrown stability, help watering our growing democracy and support the sowing of strong, reliable, fortified and dependable stability and solidarity across all boards.

Petty issues and loose tongues should not be highlighted if they can fuel ill-will.

Let’s build SL together.

EditorialAn original editorial of The Horn Tribune a weekly English language newspaper published in Hargeisa Somaliland by the state owned Dawan media group