Kenya Police Arrest 12 Somalia Nationals Aboard a Government Vehicle in Garissa

Part of the 12 aliens arrested in Garissa aboard a County Government vehicle

Somalilandsun:Police  officers in Garissa are investigating an incident in which 12 Somalia Nationals without valid identification documents were nabbed inside a Kenyan county government land cruiser.

According to a report by citizen digital the aliens who were aboard three vehicles were being trafficked by 6 suspects who are now in lawful custody.

The 12 were arrested at the Garissa-Tana bridge by officers who demanded to see valid work permits.

It was then that officers realised that the identification given for the vehicle was different from the actual vehicle.

Detectives then enlisted the help of the NTSA and discovered that the car is registered to the Garissa Ministry of Urban Development.

A multi-agency teams has been formed and tasked with piecing together information on where the 12 were headed and who is behind the immigration racket.

Earlier in September, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) busted a human-trafficking ring, rescuing 16 aliens on the Marsabit-Isiolo highway.