Kenya Election Diary – I Despair of Kenyans’ Tribal Prejudices


Africa & Kenya's  largest slum of kibera is prone to election violenceBy Katy Migiro

On the way back to the office, I heard some of the casual tribalism that still plagues Kenya and its politics. The taxi driver told me that members of a certain community are lazy and will seize other people’s property if one of the leading candidates, and current prime minister, Raila Odinga wins the presidency. I despair at Kenyans’ tribal prejudices. How can people say such things openly and feel there is nothing wrong with it?

I came home to another worrying sign. I got an email from my 8-year-old daughter’s school telling me that the children are being taught the “duck and cover drill” in case there is rioting near the school or “someone who has a gun or a weapon” enters the compound. Given that her school is closed for the whole week around the election, this seems a bit alarmist.

There’s a vague sense of an impending Armageddon. But, meanwhile, life continues as normal.