Somaliland: Prominent Personalities Honoured for Distinguished Service


Prof Suleiman of Amoud University receives his award for disitnct service to Education from president Silanyo receives

 “The media should act responsibly in the disbursement of information as we are all nationalists who believe in and are proud of our nation” President Silanyo

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – President Silanyo has urged citizens to commit to national cohesion and unity while cautioning the fourth estate against unethical disbursement of information

H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo made these comments during a ceremony in Hargeisa where 100 personalities were bestowed with certificates honouring them for services and contributions towards national development in their respective fields.

The head of state who was the chief guest at the “Value and Honour Citizens” award ceremony also received certificates of honour on his own behalf and for the three former presidents of Somaliland late Abdirahman Tuur, Late Mohamed I Egal and Hon Dahir Rayale Kahin respectively who were all recognized for their leadership of the nation during various stages of its evolution from 1991 immediately after separation from Somalia to date.

President Ahmed Mahmud was recognized and awarded for distinguished National leadership & Good governance while his predecessors

The late Abdirahman Tuur, 1st president of Somaliland was recognized and awarded posthumously for leadership & Good governance.

The late MohameAwardees among them Ms Fatuma Saeed Shukri BandareDr Edna aden and Poet Hadrawi bask in their hour of national recognitiond Haji Ibrahim Egal, 2nd president was recognized and awarded posthumously for establishment of Somaliland’s Statehood  and

Hon Dahir Rayale Kahin, the 3rd president was recognized and awarded for institutionalizing Democracy in the country.

While most of those Honoured were present at the colourful ceremony 17 personality   were posthumously with their certificates received on their behalf by family members.

The awardees who were selected after an eight months selection process by members of the public who voted online for individuals they deemed worthy of recognition through the website, ended up representing all sectors of life past and present i.e. civil society, commerce, Political/public/religious and Traditional leadership, Education, health and environment protection, arts and culture  among others

Apart from the president and his three predecessors other notables Honoured include:

Dr. Edna Aden –Health

Ms. Shukri Bandare – Environment

Prof Suleiman of Amoud University- Education

 Speaker of parliament Hon Abdirahman Irro- Good Governance

Poets Mohamed Ibrahim Hadraawi , late Gaariye and Abdi Aden Hayd ‘Kays’- Arts and CultureParticipants follow proceedings keenly

Ms. Fatuma Saeed- Women leadership

Ministers Hirsi Haji Ali and Dr. Saad Ali Shire ministers of the presidency and planning respectively.

Sheikh Dirir –Religion among many others.  See full list below

The head of state congratulated the organizers of the innovative programe of identifying and valuing various citizens for outstanding service to the nation, saying, “This is a very bold and bright idea that shall not only recognize service to the nation but shall act as an impetus for good deeds from all citizens irrespective of their station in life.

According to the organizer of the project Mr. Rashid Sulub the personalities awarded was as per the votes they received from members of the public without coercion or prompting from any quarters during the selection process by 12 individuals who prompted the public in all the regions of the country where contributions were collated with the online ones in a period of eight months.

While informing that plans are to make the recognition and honouring of individuals with a distinct and impactful contribution to national development an annual event Mr. Rashid Sulub appealed for well-wishers for material and financial support thus a continuity and sustainability of the project.

This is the first time in the country’s history for individuals with distinguished contribution to national development in one area or another to be recognized and Honoured.

Meanwhile iPoet Hadraawi addresses the citizens award congregationt is hoped that the caution to the local media to act professionally and ethically by president Silanyo will be taken seriously thus acted upon especially by the privately owned media both print and electronic that seems to have gone berserk in the recent past, with some newspapers and websites going as far as publishing articles that are not only defamatory and character assassinating but completely anti-the very nationhood of Somaliland as well.  

                The full awardees list is produced below showing  Name and what the individual was Recognized and Awarded for:

1Khatra Haji Ismail (Haji Gaydh)          -Roads Construction

2      Sh Aden Mohamud Hiray (Sh Aden Siiro)              -Charity

3      Saeed Aw Abdi Ahmed -Charity

4      Fatuma Saeed Ibrahim  -Charity

5      Fatuma Alin Nuur             -Charity

6      Ahmed Dahir Omar (Bahsane)   -Charity

7      Luul Hasan Mataan          -Child Welfare

8      Hibo Aden Diriye (Samawada)    -Child Welfare

9      Mohamed Hasan Hawaadle        -Communication

10   Abdikarim Mohamed Eid              -Communication

11   Mohamud Hashi Abdi               -Community Development

12   Mohamed Ibrahim Yasin               -Community Development

13   Ali Mohamed Warancadde          -Community Development

14   Mohamed Hasan Nuur (shaqadoon)       -Creation of Employment opportunities

15   Eng. Ahmed Abokor   Mohamed   (SYG) -Creation of Employment opportunities

16   Hon Dahir Rayale Kahin -Democratization of Somaliland

17   Poet Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame (Hadraawi)    -Development of Arts & Culture

18   Poet Mohamed Hashi Dama’a (Gaariye)                -Development of Arts & Culture

19   Abdi Aden Ha’ad (Abdiqays)       -Development of Arts & Culture

20   Eng. Ali Mohamed Hoorhoor      -Economic development

21   Ahmed Yusuf Dirir           -Economic development

22   Zamzam Abdi Aden         -Education Development

23   Prof.Suleiman Ahmed Guleid     -Education Development

24   Mahad Ibrahim Mohamed           -Education Development

25   Abdilahi Musa Qalib        -Education Development

26   Ahmed Haji Ali Adami    -Elections management

27   Shukri Haji Ismail Bandare            -Environmental P:rotection

28   Mohamed Eggeh Killeh -Environmental P:rotection

29   Ismail Jama Jibril               -Environmental P:rotection

30   Dr. Saad Cali Shire            -Good governance

31   Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi Irro       -Good governance

32   Ms. Amina Hasan Kurtin-Health

33   Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gaboose      -Health

34   Dr. Edna Aden Ismail      -Health

35   Dr. Ahmed Aden Buhane             Health

36   Suleiman Ismail Bulale (Salebaan Xuquuq)            -Human Rights

37   Rakia Abdilahi Omar        -Human Rights

38   Omar Aideed Ahmed     -Investment

39   Mohamed Aw Saeed Geedi        -Investment

40   Ahmed Osman Gelle      -Investment

41   Sheikh Mustafa Haji Ismail Harun              -Islamic Religious Propagation

42   Sheikh Mohamed Sh Omar Dirir-               Islamic Religious Propagation

43   Sheikh Mohamed Aden Muhumed         -Islamic Religious Propagation

44   Sheikh Abdilahi Sh Ali Jawhar      -Islamic Religious Propagation

45   Jama Muse Jama              -Literature

46   Boobe Yusuf Duale          -Literature

47   Mohamud Abdi Shide (Tuur)      -Media Development

48   Hasan Saeed Yusuf          -Media Development

49   Feisal Mohamed Abdi (Feisal fadhfadhle)             -Media Development

50   Feisal Ali Sh Mohamed  -Media Development

51   Farhan Haji Ali Ahmed   -Media Development

52   Kamal Dahir Ashuur        -Minority Clans rights advocacy

53   Mohamud Salah  Nuur (Fagadhe)             -National leadership & Good governance

54   Hasan Isse Jama               -National leadership & Good governance

55   Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo)  -National leadership & Good governance

56   Abdirahman Ahmed Ali(Abdirahman Tuur)          -National leadership & Good governance

57   Sultan Sahardid Sultan Diriye      -National Reconciliation

58   Sultan Mohamed Sultan Farah   -National Reconciliation

59   Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdiqadir           -National Reconciliation

60   Sultan Hasan Khalif Ashuur (Daakir)         -National Reconciliation

61   Sultan Abdirahman Jama (Dhawal)           -National Reconciliation

62   Sh Muse Jama Godaad                  -National Reconciliation

63   Sh Ibrahim Sh Yusuf Sh Madar    -National Reconciliation

64   Osman Ali Bile   -National Reconciliation

65   Nuur Sugaal Gelle            -National Reconciliation

66   Haji Abdi Warabe             -National Reconciliation

67   Garad Abdiqani Garad Jama        -National Reconciliation

68   Abdirahman Farah Aw Ali             -National Reconciliation

69   Abdilahi Ibrahim Habane              -National Reconciliation

70   Nuh Ismail Taani               -National Security

71   Mohamed Saqadi Dubad              -National Security

72   Hasan Yonis Habane       -National Security

73   Ugaso Hasan Ahmed      -National Service

74   Muse Bihi Abdi  -National Service

75   MP Bar Saeed Farah       -National Service

76   Hirsi Ali Haji Hasan           -National Service

77   Fuad Aden Adde              -National Service

78   Feisal Ali Warabe              -Nationalism

79   Abdirashid Osman Jama (Wadani)            -Nationalism

80   Kadar Moge Mursal        -Peaceful Inter-Clan Co-existence

81   Mohamed Hashi Elmi     -Public Finance Management

82   Abdirahman Duale Daamir           -Public Finance Management

83   Prof. Hasan Ali Osman (Asarda) -Roads Construction

84   MP Mohamed Diriye Nana          -Roads Construction

85   Mohamud Ahmed Hasan   (Dhagalaab)  Roads Construction

86   Eng. Hussein Mohamud Jiir          -Roads Construction

87   Hussein Hasan Guleid (Hussein Kenyatta)             -Security-Intelligence

88   Abdilahi Ismail Ali (Abdilahi Irro)                -Security-Intelligence

89   Jamal Ali Hussein              -Self-Development

90   Barkhad Jama Hirsi          -Self-Development

91   Abdirahman Mohamed Nuur     -Self-Development

92   Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal        -Somaliland Statehood Establishment

93   Saeed Mire Sh Yonis       -Sports Development

94   Hasan Mohamed Abdilahi (Hasan Warabe Adde)              -Sports Development

95   Ismail Haji Nuur                -Town planning and Development

96   Awil Elmi Abdala               -Town planning and Development

97   Abdirahman Shide Bile  -Town planning and Development

98   Abdala Mohamed Ali (Abdala Sandheere)            -Town planning and Development

99   Mohamed Saeed Duale (Dahabshiil)       -Trade development

100 Ibrahim Abdi Kahin (Ibrahim Deere)        -Trade development

101 Abdi Awad Ali (Indho-deero)      -Trade development