Hunger and Insecurity Looms in Kenya


Militants and soldiers die in a 2015 al Shabab attack in Kenya

Somalilandsun-It is now very clear that Kenyans are facing severe food and water shortage as well as poor security .Food and water shortage are attributed to the prolonged spell of draught, low interests in agriculture among the Kenyan youths, lawless encroachment on forests, poor state of research and technology in agriculture as well as meager budgetary allocations towards agriculture by the government. Insecurity is equally precarious, recently there was an attempt by the Alshababterrorists to attack the Likoni Ferry Mombasa, and this ferry carries more than eight hundred persons and eighty vehicles when it’s a float. Surprisingly the security advice that pre-empted the attack came from the US government but not Kenya. All the security agencies have now been compromised into euphoria of tribalized   partisan politics.

Currently some ministers and most of the top civil servants are resigning for electoral politics, but there is no mechanism for replacement in a professional way, given that leaders at central and county government levels are also in panicky mood of crusading for voter registration in their respective home areas, at most driven by tribal sentimentality but not focus on good governance. The systems that oversee organization and management of government are in laxity perpetrated by elections and vote hunting.As all these are taking place, the Northern corridor of Kenya which includes semi-arid areas of Baringo, Turkana, North-eastern, Wajir and Moyale is facing stark foodlessness. Areas of Baringo, turkana and Pokot are now experiencing cattle rustling attacks that leave some people dead.The presentKenya government of Jubilee has a moral duty to focus on security, water and food challenges as a first priority, stability in public education and health-care systems as another priority before engaging full blast into vote hunting.

Alexander Opicho

(From Lodwar, Kenya)