Somaliland: Saluting the Service Deligence of Late Ali Hasan Mahmoud


As death robs Dawan media Group a dedicated staffer

Late Ali Hasan Mahmoud

Somalilandsun- After 6570 days of dedicated service to the state late Ali Hasan Mahmoud ‘Yey’ departed this world peacefully.
The late Ali who died on Wednesday and buried at his family farm in Arabsiyo leaves behind a spouse and five children, four boys and a girl.
The late Ali was an employee of the Somaliland ministry of Information and seconded to the Dawan Media Group where he served the three state newspapers of Wargeyska Dawan-Somali, The Horn Tribune-English and Al qarni-Arabic with diligence and dedication starting as a driver and rising through the ranks to his last position as logistics and operations officer
In addition to the two positions late Ali Hasan also served as a senior machinists since the media Group acquired its own state of the art printing press.
According to the Dawan Media Group managing editor Mohamed Osman Mire ‘Sayid’ “The measure of esteem bestowed upon our late colleague can be ascertained by the multitude of people from all walks of life who attended his burial”
Among those present were senior officials of the ministry of information, various editors representing local media houses, Dawan media Group staffers, Managing director of the state printing press and ordinary citizens from all walks of life among others.
While extending his heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the departed, Mohamed Osman Mire said that the gap at both Dawan media Group and printing press left by the deceased shall be difficult to fill.
Said he, “ For 6570 days our late colleague served his country for exactly 20 hours without complain or desire for extra financial remuneration”
Stating that he personally worked with the deceased since taking over as managing editor at the Dawan Media Group six years ago, Sayid Mire stressed on the fact that he could always count on late Ali Hasan to ensure that newspaper and later printing press operations run smoothly
“Death has not only the state media Group a dedicated employee but the country as whole” said a forlorn Sayid Mire while promising to see to it that the bereaved family is taken care of, officially as well as from his own person.
“The late Ali Hasan Mahmoud was initially a workmate who gradually became a close personal friend and trusted assistant “ said the editor in chief of Dawan Media Group Mohamed Osman Mire “Sayid”
According to the Dawan Media Group officer in charge of administration and finance M/s Deeqa Ahmed Abdillahi the sudden death of Late Ali which occurred in the late afternoon of the fateful day came as a shock since he was ok all morning”
Adding that she enjoyed a close and fruitful working relation with the deceased the distraught DMG administrator stressed on the fact that in all her public service she is yet to meet someone with similar service traits like late Ali
“Not only did he ensure that newspapers are distributed properly all morning, but saw to it that the printing press was in apt working condition, managed the transportation of employees to and from work with fail” said Deeqa Abdi adding that this were day chores attended to by the deceased who also supervised newspaper printing every night from 10pm to 3am without fail or complain.
“Of course we shall have the ministry of information recruit others for now vacant posts but non shall ever perform as late Ali Hasan Mahmoud did” said Deeqa Ahmed.
As per the DMG editor in chief Omar Mohamed Farah, the selflessness and trustworthiness embodied by late Ali Hasan was in a class of its own, that saw him became the unofficial banker of colleagues as well as members of the public around the Toghdeer Area where the DMG is situated.
Stating that Late Ali was at all times mindful of safety for all public property at the place of work, Omar M Farah also stressed on the fact that this was an employee whose dedication to service saw him visit his family two evening a week (Tuesday and Friday) while the rest were spent at work.
According to Antony Lepes an expatriate Machine operator at the Dawan printing press, his service profusion as well as that of his other Indian colleagues was made easy by the late Ali Hasan whom he also credits with making his adaptation to
Life in Somaliland easy and Smooth.