How sustainable is the Ethiopia-Eritrea Embrace?- Michael Jones


Somaliland sun – The ‘Ethio -Eritrean problem’ is often lumped along with the Israeli–Palestinian conflict as an intractable ‘historical conundrum’, with cultural divergences, historical grievances and ideological difference all combining into an ‘unmanageable whole’.

By launching a metaphoric ‘bridge of love’ between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and signing a Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship in July 2018, Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy upended this deadlock completely

Though Eritrea and Ethiopia claim that their long-standing military confrontation is now over, peace remains subject to the whims of Eritrea’s president, despite the fact that structural and regional changes help to ensure that peace is in the interest of both parties argues Michael Jones a Research Analyst in the National Security and Resilience Team focusing on conflict and countering violent extremism in a piece titled “Eritrea and Ethiopia Embrace, But for How Long?