Somaliland: Youth Dies in Horrendous Car Accident in Gabile


Somalilandsun – While the country is taking strides in various development sectors the traffic laws remain stagnant thence never ending reports of deaths in our roads.
According to the Gabile regional traffic police commander, a young boy aged 13 years died horrendously after a water tanker hit and dragged him for almost fifty meters at the town’s main street.
“The fully laden water tanker was travelling at a very high speed” said the traffic commander adding that appropriate action shall be taken as per dictates of law.
This tragic death which is among many others occurring on a regular basis within Somaliland roads is directly attributable to the poor standards of most drivers in the country as well as the lackluster manner in which most traffic police officers go about their duties.
Empirical knowledge especially from Hargeisa the capital city where traffic rules are observed by a few indicate that unless something is done and done fast then more unnecessary deaths shall continue to be reported
To begin with it is imperative that the process of issuing Somaliland driving license be reviewed thence deter prevalent norms in which upon submitting application and subsequent payment made the applicant is never tested
At the same time drivers classification must be made mandatory thence a person driving a public service vehicle, lorry, SUV or motorcycle is issued with related license and upon having been verified as per procedures.
In the meantime the entire Dawan media group extends condolences to the bereaved Gabile family for the loose of a teenage son.