GERD an Ethiopian Engineering Feat and Source of Conflict with Egypt

Ethiopia GERD

Somalilandsun:  Using 10 metric tonnes of concrete, standing at 175 metres tall and with a reservoir volume of 79 km3, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is an impressive feat of engineering – as well as a source of conflict between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan. We delve deeper into the intricacies with a visual explanation below.

As its name indicates, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will usher in a new era for Ethiopia and the entire Horn of Africa region.

With a hydropower production capacity of 6,450 megawatts (MW), or three times the Aswan dam’s, the GERD will be unrivalled on the continent outside of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) Inga III, once the Congo River project is completed

But despite all the accruing benefits for Ethiopia and the region,  the Grand Dam could also ignite war with Egypt argue Marie Toulemonde and Olivier Caslin in their Africa Report piece titled Ethiopia-Egypt: GERD, a feat of engineering HERE