G 20 Leaders Depart St Petersburg without Consensus on Syria


Obama decries UN ‘paralysis’ over Syria; Conservatives poised to win Australian votes; anti-military protesters rally in Egypt

By: Aljazeera

A Free Syrian Army fighter takes a shower in the old city of Aleppo on September 1 2013

Somalilandsun – US President Barack Obama has reiterated his case for “limited” military strikes to be launched against the Syrian regime after its alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians, even as Russian President Vladimir Putin has said his country “will help” Syria in the event of an attack. To see our extended Syria coverage, visit aljazeera.com/Syria .

Australians go to the polls on Saturday for an election that is likely to see a new government elected. Opinion polls suggest victory for the right-of-centre coalition led by Tony Abbott, which favours tough border controls, lower taxes and a smaller government. Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas reports from Sydney. For in-depth look at Australia’s election, visit aljazeera.com/australia.

Thousands of Egyptians protesting against military rule have taken to the streets in several cities across the country. At least three people were killed in violence connected to Friday’s rallies.

The week has seen a dramatic ramping-up of international rhetoric after suspected chemical weapons use prompted several Western nations to consider military intervention in Syria