Ethiopia, Somaliland to Cooperate in Infrastructure Development


Ethiopian PM Desalegn meets with a Somaliland delegation composed of Kulmiye party leader Muse Behi FM Saad Ali and interior minister Prof Faraton in Addis Ababa

Somalilandsun- Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said that his government will work with the Somaliland administration, an autonomous region of Somalia, on infrastructure development for mutual benefit.

The Prime Minister made the remark during a discussion here with a delegation from Somaliland led by Muse Behi Abdi, Kulmiye Party Presidential Nominee.

The discussion was focused on ways of enhancing infrastructure development, particularly road, so as to connect the two sides as well as to enable Ethiopia use the Port of Berbera.

Hailemariam said that Ethiopia will work with the Somaliland administration to realize mutual benefit by enhancing infrastructure integration, Minister of Transport Ahmed Shide told ENA.

According to Ahmed, the two sides have agreed on the need to work together to sustain peace and security as well as reducing drought vulnerability in the region.Furthermore, the leaders agreed to cooperate in the energy sector, he added.

After the discussion, Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire told ENA that Ethiopia and Somaliland will continue to work together not only for mutual benefit but also for the stability of the region.

He said that they have agreed to develop the Port of Berbera, which he said would enable them enhance their ties.

Furthermore, the two sides have exchanged views on enhancing economic cooperation, such as boosting trade ties, he said. Agreement has also reached for the continuation of the provision of scholarship to Somaliland students, the Minister added.