Somaliland: MP Roble Accuses Two of Usurping Presidential Authority


As the legislator names presidency minister and Bashe Awil as having usurped excuse I’ve powers while calling the public demonstrations in protest against the UAE military base the two are fronting.
From top MP Saeed Elmi Roble accuses Amb Bashe Awil and presidency minister Mahmud Abdi Hashi of usurping Somaliland administration authority

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- “For reason I cannot yet fathom citizens of Somaliland are embracing Gulf countries that were opposed to the SNM struggle in which, they, Arabs actively supported dictator Siyad Barre”
This was stated by MP Saeed Elmi Roble who represents Sahil region at the Somaliland parliament’s House of Representatives during a media briefing in Hargeisa where he accused two unelected officials of having usurped authority due to their proximity at the presidency
Questioning the rationale behind Somaliland availing the United Arab Emirates-UAE a military base in Berbera, MP Roble accused the presidency minister Mahmud Abdi Hashi and the country’s diplomatic envoy to the Emirates, Amb Bashe Awil Haji Omar both unelected officials as being behind the base, he termed as disastrous.
Stating that relationships with the UAE are worthless, apart for the two Somaliland presidency based officials, the legislator Reminiscing on the tribulations Somalilanders faced as a result of the Emiratis partisanship during this country’s SNM fronted civil war of the 1980s to early 90s, said
“This same arabs we are being forced to cahoot with are the same that used to repatriate our Citizens and SNM to Mogadishu in the knowledge that they will be eliminated”
The legislator who is from the Opposition party Wadani, was reacting to request by the UAE for a military base at the Somaliland port city of Berbera where they propose stationing naval air forces at the Port and airport which has the longest runway in Africa,
“We are aware that presidency minister and Amb Bashe Awil are behind the base, not for national but personal gain” said the MP adding that despite all Opposition to the plan, the two having usurped authority have their hand in the move to table motion on the UAE military base at Parliament on Sunday 12th February 2017.
Stressing on the importance attached to the manner in which his colleagues at the legislature voted once the UAE military base motion is table by the presidency, the Member of Parliament representing Sahil region whose capital is Berbera the proposed venue of the foreign military base, issued a call to the public for protest demonstrations outside Parliament buildings on the day of tabling the motion and to legislators for a unanimous NO vote.
Accusing his colleagues of being responsible for prevalent status in which every Tom and Jerry devoid of public mandate but with powers emanating from proximity to the executive can drive national affairs in any direction at will, the MP said
“Though the House of Representatives is where destruction of the country is legalized due to corruption and self-seeking by legislators, I hope my colleagues shall for once put the nation first and reject the UAE bid for a military base”
Wondering on the discernible timidity among the citizenry as pertains issues of national interest, the fiery Opposition Parliamentarian said, “If I remember correctly you, public, used to come out in full force in demonstrations against ills by the administration of former president Dahir Rayale Kachin, but since President Silanyo came to office, you the members of public have pulled back.
“To show your disgust at the manner which our country has been hijacked by the two unelected officials and in Opposition to the UAE military base, I Call upon members of the public to come out for protest demonstrations outside parliament buildings on Sunday 12th February 2017.
Without mincing words , MP Roble who wondered on the authority to govern that Amb Bashe Awil who is a son-in-law to the Somaliland president has acquired and incensed by claims by presidency minister Mahmoud Hashi that the two actively participated in the SNM war
Said “It is funny for the minister to claim liberation hero status considering that Bashe Awil was either a young boy or not even born that time, while it is public knowledge that he Mahmoud Abdi Hashi acted traitorously having surrendered himself and weapons to the enemy, the then Somalia national army.
In this respect the legislator was referring to recent public utterances by the presidency minister who recently claimed that he together with Amb Bashe Awil Omar were prominent SNM freedom fighters , as he defended their support for the UAE military base.
In defense of the Foreign military base at Berbera, the presidency minister said “If the United Arab Emirates is allowed to establish a military base in Berbera it shall not only enhance Somaliland economically and diplomatically but will pose no threat to any country’
But according to opposition party Wadani which MP Saeed Elmi Roble belongs to the “Propsed UAE base is not in the country’s interest because it shall among others “mean importing serious geopolitical and religion-based conflicts between major countries in Middle East and North East Africa.
Stressing that Somaliland has shielded itself from becoming an active party in these conflicts and the Wadani Party further opposes any attempt from within Somaliland or from an outside party to drag the drag into these conflicts not to mention that the UAE has not changed its staunch stand against Somaliland reclamation of its sovereignty and its quest for international recognition. Furthermore, the UAE is a significant player in the stabilization of Somalia and its political leadership dynamics. “Therefore, a military force controlling the most vital strategic assets of Somaliland in Berbera, could be a real danger to Somaliland sovereignty and its aspiration for international recognition, as long as the UAE continues to deny Somaliland independence”
In the meantime local political watchers argue such a military base can have a negative impact on the cordial relations shared with Ethiopia The first country to establish a fully fledged diplomatic mission in Hargeisa, namely friendly bilateral relationship, a functioning security cooperation, a growing economic relationship as well as a shared population along peaceful but porous border.
For now the issue of the base which has seemingly received cabinet approval is at the hands of legislators of the House of Representatives p, the Somaliland lower chamber of parliament if the government, read presidency, submits it as planned on 12th February 2017.
But as accused by their colleague MP Saeed Elmi Roble and if the manner of approving the Berbera port management contract to UAE owned Dubai World Ports is anything to go by in lieu of massive bribery courtesy of Emirati dollars then our legislators will seemingly vote one way only, their pockets, but hopefully and for the sake of the country they will once vote with conscience
As for Bashe Awil Farah who despite all is an acute diplomat “I was a member of the Silanyo family long before his presidency