Ethiopia Must be Made to Feel it’s Facing both a Crisis, a Chance for a Win Over the GERD,” Arab League

Ethiopia Must be Made to Feel it's Facing both a Crisis, a Chance for a Win Over the GERD,
Egypt and Sudan's nile river water security is an "integral part of the Arab region's security and the AL rejects any action taken that may impact this

Somalilandsun: The Arab League has asked the UN to intervene conclusively on the dispute over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam-GERD

“Ethiopia must be made to feel that it’s facing both a crisis and a chance for a win,”

Concurred the Arab League during a June 15th meeting in  Doha   hosted by Qatar   current holder of the revolving presidency of the Council of the Arab League.

A bitter dispute has arisen between the countries over the operation of the Nile dam and filling of its reservoir.

The emergency meeting, was called by Egypt and Sudan, amid growing signs that mediators might be negotiating behind doors a “partial” agreement to govern the second filling of the dam.

Participants  mainly Arab league member countries  foreign ministers also  backed calls for the United Nations Security Council to intervene in the contentious case of Ethiopia’s massive dam, built on one of the main tributaries of the Nile River

For the three countries involved in the construction and subsequent filling of the GERD

Sudan is concerned about the dam’s safety and about regulating water flows through its own dams and water stations.

Egypt fears it will imperil its share of the Nile’s waters, which make up about 90 per cent of the country’s fresh water supply.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani said his country is concerned about the stalled negotiations.

“We call on all sides to not take any unilateral actions on harming the interests of other states, especially on the water issue,” he said during a press conference with the League’s Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

Ethiopia Must be Made to Feel it's Facing both a Crisis, a Chance for a Win Over the GERD," Arab League
Arab league foreign ministers in DOHA Qatar 15th June 2021

Egypt and Sudan’s water security is an “integral part of the Arab region’s security and we reject any action taken that may impact this,” Mr Aboul Gheit said.

For Ethiopia  the dam is vital to its economic development and power generation.

“The League of Arab States should know that utilization of the Nile waters is also an existential matter for Ethiopia. It is about lifting millions of its people out of abject poverty and meeting their energy, water and food security needs.

Read a statement issued by  Ethiopia the Federal government  in Addis Ababa

” Ethiopia is dismayed by the “Resolution” of the Executive Council of the League of Arab States on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) issued on 15 June 2021 after its meeting held in Doha, Qatar.

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Ethiopians celebrate after government says it has reached first-year target for filling of GERD- file photo

Ethiopia rejects the “Resolution” in its entirety. In fact, this is not the first time the League of Arab States issued a statement regarding its misguided positions on the GERD. Read full statement HERE

“African mediation on the dam began about a year ago but unfortunately did not produce any results.”

Key issues remain unresolved despite years of attempts by Egypt and Sudan to persuade Ethiopia to enter into an agreement on the handling of the project.