Ethiopia: Maid Hacks Her Saudi Employer to Death


Somaliland- The police have arrested an Ethiopian maid for murdering a Saudi woman in a rural district in Taif on Thursday

The African woman in her thirties hacked her employer, who was in her fifties, to death with an axe while she was praying the noon prayer at her house in Maisan, 130 km south of Taif, said Lt. Col. Ati Al-Qarshi, police spokesman in Makkah.

“After receiving the report about the murder, the Maisan police rushed to the location and found the lifeless body of the Saudi woman lying in a pool of blood on a prayer mat,” said Al-Qarshi.

They arrested the maid, who admitted committing the murder, and found SR7,000 in her possession. The Saudi women’s room had been ransacked.

A source said the Saudi woman, Umm Saad, was always kind and considerate to the maid, with some friends believing she pampered her.

The maid had been employed for the past 18 months, the source said.

According to another source, Umm Saad was sleeping in her room when she was attacked.

The victim’s husband works in an education office southeast of Taif, a local daily reported.

During the week, two African women committed suicide in the country.

– Arab News