Somaliland: Irro Parley’s British Deputy Premiere


Nick Clegg (L) and Irro (R) at their meeting in Sheffield

SHEFFIELD (Somalilandsun) –The speaker of Somaliland parliament Hon Abdurrahman Abdilahi Irro who is in on an official tour in UK has visited the Sheffield city which is now reckoned as the first to recognize the sovereignty of Somaliland .

Irro who also doubles as the chairman of the opposition party Wadani and in company of his party deputy chair met and held talks with the deputy premiere of Britain Nick Clegg who hails from the city that he also represents in the British parliament.

“I urge the British parliament to emulate Sheffield city council and give Somaliland its rightful recognition thence participation in global affairs equitably” Irro told the deputy premiere.

Upon conclusion of the meeting with the deputy premier Irro and entourage visited city hall where they congratulated the councilors for their unanimous vote on the recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign country.

Irro (4th L) poses with Sheffield councillors at the city hall

The speaker of the Somaliland parliament who did not attend the historic vote in the city despite official invitation also took the opportunity to thank the Somaliland Diaspora in the UK and more specifically Sheffield city for their relentless campaign for their motherland’s fulfillment of its over two decades quest for international recognition as a sovereign nation.

Sheffield city became the first official entity to recognize Somaliland as a sovereign nation.