Somaliland: State to Crackdown on Errant Clerics


Sheikh Khalil

By:Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government shall not allow any religious controversy with the populace.

The intent to crackdown on controversial clerics was issued by the minister of Religious affairs Sheikh Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed during a briefing to the standing committee of the Somaliland House of Representatives in Hargeisa.

The minister who allude to the recent utterances by the former chairman of the Committee for the promotion of Good Deeds and Deterrence of Vice as an example of the unacceptable religious views that the government in the guise of his ministry shall not allow.

Less than a fortnight ago Sheikh Hire now disposed as leader of the nationwide religious committee opinionated that Islam dictates that women should be treated equally to men as opposed to current trend especially in relation to inheritance and blood money that sees women get or paid half of what the men folk get.

On the strategies embarked by his ministry towards establishing a nationwide presence Minister Khalil told the legislators that the main agenda is first geared towards erecting modern headquarter infrastructure for the ministry as a prelude to spreading wings regionally.

The country’s religious chief further informed that plans are afoot to start disbursing religious knowledge to all citizens regardless of age, gender or station in life to be accomplished through a weekly newspaper and a radio station.

Returning to the issue of controversial religious statements Minister Khalil while stressing on the importance President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and his government attaches to national cohesion in all fronts and more so in matters religious, Minister Khalil said that his ministry shall keep a sharp look out for those imparting Un-Islamic views within the citizenry.

A few months back the head of state president Silanyo established a high powered ministerial committee to combat vice in the country.

The appearance by the minister of Religious affairs is a constitutional act that stipulates that members of the council of ministers and other senior government officials brief Guurti and House of Representatives the country’s two chambers of parliament on a regular basis