Egypt Intensifies Pursuit of Closer Ties with Somalia

Egypt Intensifies Pursuit of Closer Ties with Somalia
President Al Sisi has pursued closer ties with Somalia

Somalilandsun: Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh will meet with Hassan Muallem Khalif, Somali Minister of State, according to a statement from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Friday.

In March 2019, Shoukry held a meeting with his now fired Somali counterpart Ahmed Eissa Awad and voiced Egyptian support to Somalia to rebuild its state institutions and achieve security and stability.

Foreign Minister SamehShoukry and his Somali counterpart Ahmed EissaAwad met in Cairo, Egypt. March 6, 2019. Press Photo

Shoukry stated that Somalia’s security is part of Egypt’s national security, highlighting that the Egyptian political leadership is eager to boost cooperation with Somalia in different realms with the goal of preserving its unity, sovereignty, and stability.