Somaliland is 142nd Destination for History Creating Bangladeshi Global Peace Traveller Najmun Sohagi

Najmun Nahar Sohagi says she will urge for the international recognition of Somaliland

Somalilandsun:  ” Somaliland becomes my 142nd Country so far visited on foot in my global peace mission”

This was told to Geeska Afrika newspaper by Miss Najmun Nahar  Sohagi from Bangladesh whose mission is to spread peace all over the world, upon her arrival at the Somaliland border with Djibouti.

“I am happy with the way the people of Somaliland have welcomed me and I will tell the world about the peace in Somaliland and its value.” Said the traveller adding that in her special message to the world about Somaliland she will urge the international community to recognize her as a sovereign nation.

Najmun has been travelling for 19 years. She aims to visit all the countries that are a part of the United Nations, in the next two years.

Najmun Nahar Sohagi is the first Bangladeshi woman to travel to 142 countries across the globe, carrying the national flag of her country.

Najmun has set an example for young travellers.“Beyond race, culture and ethnicity, we all should live happily and explore the beauty of our planet,” she says.

She is inspired by her paternal grandfather and her father, who also loved travelling. She studied in Lund University, Sweden. Her mother has accompanied her to 14 countries.

In 2019, the travel enthusiast received the Miss Earth Queen Award and Youth Conference Globe Award at the Fobana Summit, Nassau Coliseum. She also received the Atish Dipankar Gold Medal Award and the Zonta International Club Award, in the category of outstanding contribution to women empowerment. In addition, she achieved the Red Crescent Motivational Award.

Najmun Nahar Sohagi has been traveling the global for 19 years

That same  year , she had travelled to all the countries of Central America. Costa Rica was her 135th country. The journey was challenging for Najmun. “I have confronted several situations where my life was at risk,” she says. “Once, I got stranded in a mangrove forest in the middle of the night. On another occasion, I got stuck in a sandstorm in the Sahara Desert.”