Somalilandsun:The Abyssinian Aksumites (Amhara and Tigre living at Axum or Aksum town founded in the first century of A.D) first identified themselves as Ethiopians in the 4th century of A.D during reign of Ezana. So, Amhara land and Tigre land in the North are together called Ethiopia. Only Abyssinians [Amhara and Tigre – known also as Habesha peoples of Semitic ethnic group] are Ethiopians. The rest of the people in Ethiopia are not Ethiopians but they are Cushitic peoples.

Cushitic peoples were forced to claim Ethiopia and Ethiopians after Abyssinians under King Menelik II conquered and annexed them and their lands in 1889 even though mass-killings by Abyssinian invasion started with Oromo people in the Ethiopian highlands beginning 1850. Amhara believes that they are of superior race and they own Cushitic peoples and their lands claiming that they inherited them from their forefathers like cattle. Watch these Amhara clips claiming arrogantly that they have no negro blood, they came originally from Asia and they are superior to other Ethiopians:
Amhara people believe that they are not Africans but came over to the Horn of Africa from the Middle East in ancient times. They also believe that they own Ethiopia and Ethiopians exclusively as cattle that they inherited from their forefathers even if they claim they came from the Middle East. Because of that false mentality, Amhara becomes the least liked ethnic group in Ethiopia.
For outsiders, Ethiopia was a great empire more civilised and more advanced than the rest of Africa. An empire never colonized by Europeans when the rest of Africa became inevitable prey to European scramble for partition to colonise the continent brutally for cheap labour and raw materials. That is the false history of Ethiopia made by Abyssinians to cover up their colonial occupation of Cushitic peoples and their lands. But for insiders, Ethiopia is a country whose history is of invasions, conquests, violent annexations, massacres, genocides, repressions, oppressions, destructions, displacements etc inflicted on Cushitic peoples (Oromo, Somalis, Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambela, Wolayta and SNNAPR etc shown in the map) by the invading Abyssinians or Ethiopians, particularly by Amhara kingdoms, for over 170 years. That is the true history of Ethiopia that Abyssinians want to hide it from the outside world. Such humiliating subjugation and black colonial occupation of Cushitic peoples imposed by Abyssinians resulted in creating deep hostility, bitterness and hatred between Abyssinians (the dominating minority) and Cushitic peoples (the dominated majority peoples).
The gathered resentment, anger and hatred over long-time of injustices, atrocities and brutalities by Abyssinians against Cushitic peoples resulted, as historical consequences, in the uncontrollable explosive civil wars in Ethiopia today. Cushitic peoples at the head of Oromo people, the biggest ethnic group in Ethiopia, believe that it is their unchallenged chance to rule Ethiopia as both Amhara and Tigre failed Ethiopia for their long-time brutal, abusive kingdoms and repressive, oppressive governments. The West should not support unilateral government declared by TDF to avoid endless bloodbath between Cushitic peoples and Abyssinians in future considering the unique sad history of Ethiopia. Change of Ethiopia name is recommended for country name that all maybe satisfied with.
But if coexistence among Ethiopian ethnic groups becomes difficult and interethnic civil wars become rampant, frequent and persistent with no hope of accepting one another, then it is reasonable to support them go on their separate ways for self-determination to have independent republics taking article 39 of Ethiopian federal constitution in order to have peace and stability instead of having perpetual bloodshed, gun violence, massacres, ethnic cleansing, displacement, fleeing, influx of refugees, instability etc in the Horn of Africa.
#Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
August 1, 2021