Why Somalilanders Want Wadani Party


Wadani supporters during the 2012 local council elections in Somaliland

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Somaliland sun – Last weeks, the key founders of the ruling party Kulmiye left their lucrative jobs, not to look for better-paid jobs but to join Wadani the opposition party which in the words of the ‘great’ writer Boobe Yusuf “has just an empty office, empty chair, and etc.”, which he meant pejoratively but became the secret of its charm. The party has no material wealth whatsoever yet the charm by all. Hirsi Haji Ali not that distant was a kingmaker and the sole endorser of our government, Bihi Yonis of JFK School of Government at Harvard University and former Humanitarian Deputy Chief at UNIMID left at their own will to prevent from Muse Bihi, the ex-soldier from grabbing power whereby ending Somaliland. Like GOP members who disowned Donald Tramp, the Kulmiye key party officials disassociated Muse Bihi for the grounds of unsuitability for presidency for his authoritarian tendencies and soldierly outlook.

You can’t remain in box when the whole country on the line. But the Second Deputy military official of Kulmiye Mohamed Kahin called the step “a national treason” putting his little exposure other than to killing fields aside, how you as reader square with their rescuers’ good intentions? Given on the empirical evidence, his serious accusation doesn’t hold.

Kulmiye Party is for the military officers, warlords, and professor-turned power-and-wealth seekers, UCID of novices and people with thinking limitations while Wadani is only the brightest and the veterans.

Muse Behi Hijacked Kulmiye party nomination “Muse hijacked the ruling party candidacy,” stated the turnabouts. Given their nationalist background, these dozen people decided to save Somaliland from the emerging bitter reality. Once again, these high profile influential politicians don’t want money or power but out of honesty to save their country to shape the future of their children and they refused to watch detrimental events taking place passively. Leaving their ministerial posts, they weren’t playing a game. They were serious.

For those seeking material enrichment, should go to Kulmiye party and loot the public purse and sell hyenas, lizards, and foxes, internationally banned trade. But if you want integrity, nationalism, and togetherness, Wadani Party represents that values practically.

The government and the ruling party shrunk following the massive resignation. These ministers made precedent for the upcoming generations that there are honest statesmen who want to build country for better future.

The shift restored the public confidence to political career.

Before shifting to Wadani party, they were checking their alternatives ahead close to one year: UCID and Wadani party. UCID technically isn’t a party but one-man bag and rubberstamp for any ruling party. The party maintained the third in ranking, the last one in any elections. It’s a loser party born to lose because the captain has twisted shrewdness.

Wadani Party is inclusive political party for all. Somalilanders feel at the ease whenever they meet its leaders. It’s charm results not from cash handouts like Kulmiye but values of integrity, honesty and sense of patriotism. Some hungry low-profile individuals may jump out of the party when they don’t understand the deeper layers of wisdom the party offers to its members and proper solutions to present social challenges.

Abdirahman Mohamed DiryeIn sum, Somaliland elites have a single political platform to play a fair game, that’s Wadani party, others exclusive to juntas and clannish properties. We Somalilanders should stop the rising of fascist soldiers of Kulmiye party from running the country, it’s the time to rescue the nation, there’s no tomorrow.

The author Abdirahman Mohamed Diriye  is a Somaliland independent observer, mrdirye@gmail.com