Somaliland: Government Contains Spread of Dysentery and Diarrhea in El Afweine


Life I. el AFWEINE has returned to normal after spread of disease is contain d

By: Latina Yusuf Masai
EL AFWEINE (Somalilandsun) – The government of Somaliland is committed to provision of health services to citizens anywhere in the country
This was stated by the ministry of health director General Suleiman Jama Diriye during an interview with Dawna newspaper in Hargeisa where he also disclosed that a recent eruption of dysentery and Diarrhea in El AFWEINE district of Sanaag region has been brought under control.
“We dispatched medical teams and medicines to El AFWEINE district following the eruption of diarrhea and dysentery in various parts of El Afweine district in the country’s eastern region of Sanaag” said the health DG
According to the top health administrator in the country the two communicable diseases have been brought to a halt through expedited reaction by his ministry adding that the cured have already returned to their rural homes while only a few are still under medication.
On the rapid reaction by his ministry , DG Suleiman thanked the regional authorities and individuals who availed personnel and drugs logistic support since the district is currently without an ambulance.
Said he, “During recent clan disturbances in the district the only ambulance servicing the area was decommissioned following damage caused during emergency operations for those injured in the clashes”
Somaliland ministry of health director general Suleiman Jama Diriye The health administrator also commented neighbouing Gara’adag district for fast action with personnel and their only ambulance that were utilized in the first response towards those afflicted prior to the arrival of Hargeisa dispatched teams.
In conclusion DG Suleiman Jama Diriye who promised continued surveillance and similar response countrywide also reaffirmed the government’s commitment to provision of apt medical services to all citizens of Somaliland both rural and urban dwellers.