Somaliland: USAID DAI Mal-administrating the Business Catalytic Fund (SBCF)


Somaliland sun- We no longer proud of USAID DAI, Somaliland youth and women entrepreneurs experienced one of the world’s most reputable organization USAID DAI. Inc have a failed grade F to dispersed SBCF grant fund fairly and impartial in the Somaliland regions. We have clear evidences of corruption, hoax, scam; fraud and intellectual property rights theft made by DAI Inc employees create this rigged system. But the motives force to violate DAI policy was due to lack of accountability and oversight. As well as Somaliland Catalytic Business Fund rules and regulation were breached. In General, Somaliland corruption is sky rocketed and derails any powerful organization or institution.
We remain public major mismanagement and misconduct made by USAID DIA officers. Date Concept Paper Due Time: By 5:00 PM local time. Date: September 8, 2016. At that time the applicants were 280 according to database. DAI Employee reopened till the next day they reached 750 applicants. 542 were added after the deadline. That is why two DAI officers base in Nairobi were resigned as reported. The first shortlists were tagged another names. This scandal touches on USAID DAI and World Bank and may have future ramification of Somaliland SCORE work.
Therefore, USAID DAI employees remain the beneficiary SBCF grant, this demoralized youth and women who matched the evaluation criteria. Therefore, we recommend wrong doers should be subject to disciplinary act. Furthermore, excluding the short listing the applicants from Borame,Sool, Burao,and Sanaag. This is act of regional discrimination rather than inclusiveness, it is imperative that USAID DAI inspectors investigate the scandal surrounding the shortlist fraud and mishandling and rectify the situation by bringing in check and balance in the grant process.
According, 29 August, 2016 USAID DAI officer sent massage “shortlist applicants will be announced on first week October, this remain false, and they don’t make any apology to applicant. And this is violation of USAID DAI ethics.
We contact INT an independent unit within the World Bank Group responsible for investigation allegations of fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion and obstruction in the World Bank support activities. They will review the report.
We also contact USAID inspector General to make an anonymous report, contract compliance officers of such know violation will be subjected to disciplinary act DAI Inc.
We have managed to verify a number of the insinuated misdemeanors after acquiring relevant evidence to back these allegations hopes that the World Bank and USAID inspectors will heed to people’s concerns and expedite necessary investigation to find out what happened and how the World Bank and their implementing agency got it wrong in the 1st round of the SBCF.
It is also hoped that the concerned Ministries shall do their own investigations to get to the bottom of the scandal and terminated this Regional discrimination USAID DAI . This will separate the Somaliland unity
Ahmed Ali Abdi (timo)
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