Why Most Somalis are Testing Positive for Coronavirus


Somalilandsun ; COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting Somalis disproportionately across the world, a researcher has observed.

Rashid Abdi, the Horn of Africa project director at the International Crisis Group, noted Coronavirus has hit hard people of Somalia origin, unlike people from other regions.

Citing figures from Europe and Africa, Abdi observed the behaviour of Somalis was the main reason why they were being vulnerable to the killer disease.

  1. Horn of Africa project director at the International Crisis Group Rashid Abdi. [Source/Rashid Abdi/Twitter]

The researcher and analyst in geopolitics listed three reasons why COVID-19 has killed dozen of Somalis and left a number of them infected.

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Abdi observed most of them were denying existence of Coronavirus, while others believed it had predetermined to come by Allah, and therefore inevitable.

In a post on his Twitter account, he noted most Somalis stick together in groups, which enhance spread of the disease in case one of them is infected.

Abdulkadir agreed with him saying: “I was telling some Somali elders and youngers to practice social distancing. They said Allah will protect us while they act irresponsible. I don’t understand why some Somalis blame Allah for their misbehavior. Allah protects for those who meet his conditions.”

Abdi’s remarks come at a time when Nairobi’s Eastleigh has been put under lockdown after over 70 people tested positive for Coronavirus.

Over 90 per cent of the densely populated area in Kamkunji constituency are of Somali origin.

On Thursday, Isiolo became the latest county to join list of counties hit with COVID-19 after two people tested positive.

The counties of Wajir, Mandera, Garissa, Mombasa, Kwale, Lamu where Somalis are mainly found have registered multiple Coronavirus positive cases.

In less than two months, Somalia has reported 873 Coronavirus cases, 39 deaths and 87 recoveries.