WHO Director-General’s Statement on Tanzania and COVID-19

Denial of Covid-19 in Tanzania by President Magufuli worries Tedros Adhanom the WHO director general

Somalilandsun: As Africa is battling  a resurge  in Covid-19  cases, the World Health Organization is concerned  by status in Tanzania

This is per a statement  by the WHO Dirsctor General  Tedros Adhanom below verbatim

Quote- extend our condolences to our Tanzanian sisters and brothers on the recent passing of a senior Tanzanian leader as well as the government’s Chief Secretary.

In late January, I joined Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO Director for the African Region, in urging Tanzania to scale public health measures against COVID-19 and to prepare for vaccination. I also encouraged the sharing of data in light of reports of COVID-19 cases among travellers.

Since then I have spoken with several authorities in Tanzania but WHO is yet to receive any information regarding what measures Tanzania is taking to respond to the pandemic.

This situation remains very concerning. I renew my call for Tanzania to start reporting COVID-19 cases and share data. I also call on Tanzania to implement the public health measures that we know work in breaking the chains of transmission, and to prepare for vaccination.

A number of Tanzanians travelling to neighbouring countries and beyond have tested positive for COVID-19. This underscores the need for Tanzania to take robust action both to safeguard their own people and protect populations in these countries and beyond.

COVID-19 is a serious disease that can cause severe illness and even death. National authorities everywhere must do all they can to protect people and save lives and WHO stands ready to support them in the response against this deadly virus.End

On the other hand President John Magufuli continues to be adamant that his country, Tanzania is free of Covid-19.

The facts, however, are beginning to pile up. On Wednesday, Seif Sharif Hamad, 77, the most prominent politician on the island of Zanzibar, was pronounced dead at a hospital a little more than two weeks after his party announced that he, his wife, and several aides had tested positive for coronavirus.

  • Presidnt Magufuli has gone a step further after  rejecting any need for coronavirus vaccines, instead promoting herbal cures. He claims the nation of 60 million has been “covid-free” since he presided over three days of national prayer in June