What is the interest behind an infidel running Somalilandsun focusing on Somaliland


Somalilandsun – We are not exactly sure the reasons nor facts behind this item by colleague at somalilandinformer website but we strongly urge the government of somaliland to take the action requested by the writer Mustafe Jirde-Editor

What is the interest behind an infidel running Somalilandsun focusing on Somaliland

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HARGEISA- Somaliland community at home and abroad are aware of the fact that newspaper online by the name of www.somalilandsun.com is owned and run by an infidel and what do I mean about that a white folk from the Netherlands is the official owner of the site and imagine a foreign alien publishing Somaliland news in English what is the interest and the hidden agenda behind this.

I know well a man by the name of Yusuf Hassan as the editor in charge of Somaliland sun which is based in Hargeisa, Somaliland capital city but it is believed that he is aiding and abetting the infidel to achieve his hidden agenda.

It is urged that Somaliland government mainly the office of foreign affairs in conjunction with the ministry of information to do their utmost to address the concern voiced by Somaliland concerned citizens that it is a matter that needs to be urgently addressed before things get out of control and many aliens launch similar websites that may put the country into danger and pave the way for foreign individuals without known interest to launch websites.

I have never heard and seen that country on the face of the earth that foreign alien has an interest of country in Africa that has no recognition.

I ask our fellow country men and women to respond to the pressing issue that which is the right to have websites focusing on tiny nation that has no recognition? Or is Somaliland a no man’s country where everything is possible to happen.

On Feb. 2014 which coincides what the western driven ideology calls the Valentine’s day that Somalilandsun published message congratulating Somaliland people over the issue.

While we SomalilandInformer published articles about young men and women that tried to hold party celebrating the day of Valentine and police responded by arresting many youngsters.

Here is the link: http://somalilandsun.com/index.php/community/4999-somaliland-wishing-all-cupid-readers-a-happy-valentines-day-

I urge the entire public at hoe and abroad t remain vigilant over the articles published by Somalilandsun and that it is owned by an infidel although we do not know what is the interest behind it.

Somaliland authority is urged to respond to the matter very urgently and to address the concern we as Somaliland people expressed over this infidel as well as the abetters and aiders.