Westerners Target Citizens Involved in Somaliland and Somalia Corruption


Monies stashed by Somaliland and Somalia government officials in Dubai will be exposed and their account holders made public in a new initiative to fight corruption

Corruption is rampant in Somaliland and Somalia

Somalilandsun- There will be nowhere to hide for the thieves that hold dual nationalities and loot Somaliland and Somalia. The UK, US & the EU will prosecute these culprits.

There will be no place for politicians that buy political votes in Somalia . A recent revelation of MP seats costing a million US dollars in Somalia elections is appalling. Bidding prices of MPs to be elected into the Somalia parliament has recently passed $5000 a vote .
The poor and the illiterate are being manipulated by both AL Shabaab and the politicians in Somalia for opposite motives.
We have already contacted the FCO office in London about the corruption in Somalia and Somaliland. The Swedish ambassador has confirmed via twitter that those holding Swedish nationality and commit bribery or corruption overseas will be brought to justice.
Hiding money in overseas bank accounts or buying homes with public money from Somaliland or Somalia is a crime subject to punishment.
US committed to a credible electoral process in #Somalia; grave instances of corruption by US citizens overseas are punishable under US law

Monies stashed by Somaliland and Somalia government officials in Dubai will be exposed and their account holders made public in a new initiative to fight corruption in the Horn of Africa .
Some ministers that have been appointed during the recent reshuffle in Somaliland cabinet already boast about the houses and luxury vehicles they have bought in a short period.

Some have been accused of turning their former council provided social houses in England into luxury mansions after purchasing the council houses. The money for the purchase of the houses has been accumulated illegally during an ongoing ministerial term in the government of Somaliland.
I don’t suspect Somaliland president of any corruption as he had home in England and enough wealth since the early 1980s. I also respect the First Lady who hails from a wealthy respected family.
I think that it is their cronies from poor background that had been tempted by the powers provided by their positions of authority to steal public properties.
The TV programmes have also suppressed any attempt to highlight the trending theft of public properties particularly in Somaliland. Many among the opposition channel news and the newspapers as well as their websites have recently been closed in Somaliland while the pro government channels have been kept functioning .
All these corruptly obtained properties in the UK will be repossessed according to UK bribery laws after court proceedings.
The matter is taking momentum in Europe and the US.
The British government funds democratization processes in Somaliland and turning a blind eye to the corruption happening on the ground in Somaliland would be considered complacency.

I have not published the names of the corrupt politicians in this article but will provide a proof and supporting documents of corruption within Somaliland government if and when requested by the British government.
There is no place to hide for the thieves that steal the funds intended for the poor and the needy in the Horn of Africa.

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