U.S. service member injured in Somalia attack

File photo shows Somali national army soldiers standing in formation during a logistics course graduation ceremony. Somali troops regular work and train with the U.S. military. (Photo by MC2 (SW/AW) Evan Parker/DVIDS)

Somalilandsun: An attack by a militant group in Somalia injured a U.S. service member Monday.

U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) spokesperson Col. Christopher Karns confirmed the service member’s injuries are not considered life threatening.

Fighters with Al-Shabaab attacked a group that included U.S. and Somali forces in the area of Jana Cabdalle, Somalia.

The command said they used “a vehicle employed as an improvised explosive device and mortar fire.”

Karns revealed one of the Al-Shabaab attackers was killed.

In a statement last month, AFRICOM called the group – which is aligned with al-Qaeda – “a dangerous enemy that presents a threat to Somalia, its neighbors, and the United States.”

That statement made just days after an airstrike killed six Al-Shabaab extremists.

AFRICOM said it has conducted 46 airstrikes this year against the terrorist group.