Turkish Red Crescent sets up first playground in Mogadishu


turkish red crescentBy: Abdullah Sencer Gozubenli

Ankara, Somaliland Sun

Turkish Red Crescent set up the first playground in Somali capital Mogadishu after 21 years.

First playground opened at Cezire Hayat Tent City of Red Crescent following the civil war which has been continuing in Somalia for 21 years.

The opening of the playground was made by Red Crescent Chairman Ahmet Lutfi Akar and Somali children on Monday.

Akar who played together with the children in the playground told reporters that they inaugurated Mogadishu’s first and only playground, and he expressed belief that the playground would have positive effects on children.

The playground covers an area of 500 square meters.

Abdullah Sencer Gozubenli

Conflict Analyst, Humanitarian Crisis Response Advi