Turkey Appoints New Envoy to Mediate in Somaliland/Somalia Talks


Somalilandsun- The Turkish government has named a new ambassador to mediate in the stalled Somaliland/Somalia talks. This information was leaked to the Horn Newspaper by unidentified diplomat. The former Turkish envoy to Somalia Dr.Olgan Bekar upon completing his tenure to Mogadishu was reposted to become the new ambassador overseeing the Somaliland/Somalia talks. Somalia’s envoy to Turkey Mr.Jama A. Mohammed congratulated Dr.Olgan for his new role in the Somali fiasco. The Somalia ambassador stated in a post to his twitter account that the Somalia government will support him in his new role. “It is an honor to welcome Dr.Olgan in my Ankara residence.” “He brought substance into Somalia/Turkey relationship and we shall forever be indebted to him for his good work to uplift the lives of the Somali people.” Ambassador Jama said.

Somaliland is dumbfounded about the new Turkish government role in Somaliland/Somalia talks since the people of Somaliland feel cheated by Turkey which was openly supporting Mogadishu in previous talks.

Before the collapse of the talk, early this year president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi and his Somalia counterpart Mr.Farmajo decided to meet in Djibouti to initiate a curtain raiser for the talks.

The two head of states who were being linked by some foreign dipolomats decided that the talks should be shifted from Turkey to Switzerland.

Turkey was not pleased by the relocations of the talks from her territory. It is not yet clear Turkey intension and her new strategic plan to return as a mediator or a meddler.