Tübingen African Days 2015 –celebrates ONE AFRICAN COUNTRY AT A TIME –


REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON „Africa in Miniature” AT FOCUS 2015!

Somalilandsun – The University city Tübingen-Germany, its Lord Major –Boris Palmer and the African Diaspora in Germany shall vibrate and celebrate one African country at a time.

It´s 6th Edition from 23rd to 26 July 2015 shall celebrate the Rep. Of Cameroun – Business, projects, culture and its diaspora at the African village in Tübingen, be part of now! The Tübingen African Days „ Intern. African Festival Tübingen” is a tradefair exhibition for African resources and information. We´re startegically growing to become Germany´s no 1 African tradefair Exhibition, a marketplace open to the world

Who can participate?
Registration and participation is open to everybody who´s connected to the continent Africa and it´s people – Business, researchers, institutions, traders, Information and educational projects.
The trade Fair exhibition is accompagned by a rich and diverse program – Symposiums and Dialog, Business & Project presentations, cultural stage open to musicians and traditional performers worldwide, huge children and family programs.
Motivation for participation
Since its creation just 5yrs ago, the Tübingen African Days have hosted more than 100.000 visitors amongst other VIPS – African Ambassadors, international journalist, 200 exhibitors, more than 150 Artist
Datelines for application – 15 July 2014, confirmation of participation shall only be considered only after complete application and payment is done. Online applications are available on our homepage www.afrikafestival.net / Email kontakt@afrikafestival.net / Call 0049 -152 – 106 – 10374
Entry policy: To sustain the existence of this project, guaranteeing quality entertainment, a solidarity token between 3 – 5 Euros will be charged at the African village entrance.
Sponsoring / Partnership / Donors
Be a partner, sponsor, donor and volunteer – thanks for your engagement!
About us
The Tübingen African days is a project of AFRIKAKTIV, non-profit organization, founder & CEO Mrs Susan Enie Tatah, supported by the African Diaspora in Germany. Its aims and objective is to offer a plattform for rebranding our continent Africa and its people
Secondly its a cometogether plattform for the African Diaspora in Germany – Europe – worldwide, here we exhibit, share, celebrate our african diveristy and culture as well as supporting eachother, ofcourse meet and make new friends!
Our achievements
Our project is a household name in the south of Germany, we have reachout to millions of Germans and Europeans, impacting and enriching their lives, visitors know and feel Africa from the perspctive of the Diaspora. Visitors discover and gain expert knowledge about country specifics and business opportunities, travelling, developmental projects, contacts and networks esp. Sub-Sahara Africa
Feedbacks and attendance are indicators and motivations that we are reaching our goals in just a short time.
2015 Menu
The Republic of Cameroon „Africa in miniature” is focus country 2015 (Business – Research & development, Tourism & culture, Projects and the „Cameroonian Daispora in Germany –worldwide”
2015 Campagne „ Europe is not everything”
Initiated by founder & CEO – Susan Enie Tatah – allround Africa activist, says her new campagn is aimed at sensitizing the African Diaspora in Africa, Europe and the world that opportunities are not only found in Europe. Africa is the new diamond in sky worth dying for than dying anormously in dead sea and desert. Details about the Campaign coming soon!

On behalf of AFRIKAKTIV, I wish you a happy season and prosperous new year 2015 in advance!
Sincerely yours
Susan Enie Tatah – Founder & CEO