Somaliland: Former Security Chief Clobbers Cell Mate Half to Death


Former Somaliland deputy Interior Minister Abdilahi Abokor clobbers cell mate Half to death at Hargeisa Prison

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun) – The brother of Presidency minister is nursing serious injuries sustained during a brutal attack in prison.
According to Waheennews the former deputy minister in charge of security Abdilahi Abokor went on the rampage at his cell in Hargeisa prison where he brutally attacked Mahmud Ali Haji Hasan where he injured him with a thermos flask full of hot tea.
Mahmud Ali who is a brother to the Somaliland presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali had been placed in the same cell with the former deputy minister after transfer from Burao prison for reasons yet UN ascertained.
Abdilahi Abokor has been in custody for months now on charges related to accusations related to character assassination and attack on security forces during his arrest.