Top UN Envoy Leaves Somalia in Optimistic Mood


Nicholas Kay

The head of the UN mission in Somalia, Nicholas Kay has left the country full of optimism for its future.

After two years’ service, Nicholas Kay bid farewell to the country and his colleagues during a send-off ceremony held on Tuesday at the airport in the capital, Mogadishu.

Somalia’s Foreign Minister, who spoke at the event, said the UN envoy had helped shape a “new vision” for a better Somalia.

Mr Kay described the occasion as “happy” and “positive.”

“Happy for me also, because as the Minister says, I think we can truly see that in Somalia, there is an unstoppable momentum now to peace, to stability and prosperity and democracy and that unstoppable momentum was not here three years ago. It is here now and it is thanks to the Somalis themselves, it’s thanks to international partners and it is thanks most of all to the UN colleagues that I have had the privilege to work with.”

SOURCE: Dianne Penn, United Nations.