The untold story of 7 Kenyans stranded in Somalia for 72 days

kenyans stranded in Somalia slept in open spaces

Somalilandsun: In January, seven Kenyans entered Somalia with high hopes of earning good money.

It didn’t happen.

They had part of their pay but couldn’t reenter for months and were stuck in the border town of Ras Kamboni, 170km south of Kismayo. The border is sealed because of Covid-19 and other restrictions.

There’s a heavy KDF and Somali military presence because of al Shabaab terrorists.

The men ran out of money, slept in an abandoned building corridor, then a makeshift tent. Their sleeping space was flooded by cold rain and they were bitten by mosquitoes.

Today they’re home, grappling with joblessness, the Covid-19 risk and family problems.

Still, it’s home though not so sweet.

Here’s the story three of the men told the Star: