The Sovereignty of Somaliland is Sacrosanct Says Irro as he Lambasts Somalia Interferences


The opposition National Party chairman Hon.Abdirahman Mohammed Abdillahi (Irro) speaking during an interview with Horn Cable television journalist Mr. Hamse Ali Bulbul confirmed his party stance on Somaliland independence. Hon. Irro stated that his party fully supports the independence of Somaliland, he went further to criticize Somalia government open interference in Somaliland sovereignty.
When asked why he did not accompany president Musa Bihi to UAE he had this to say “The president called the two opposition parties because he had received an urgent invitation for an official tour so he requested us to go with him. However on my part I had some misgivings which stopped me from going; firstly my party was not invited to attend the previous meetings in the UAE, secondly the president caught me by surprise before I could consult my party top officials.”
Hon.Irro lashed at Somalia government meddling in Somaliland internal affairs he said “Our conscience is clear my party Wadani is fully behind the independence of Somaliland, its supports the unity of her people and the landmarks of Somaliland borders is nonnegotiable.”
The opposition chief stated that his National Party (Wadani) is abides by Somaliland constitution and supports the power bestowed by it to the government to initiate economic development deals and bilateral relations with any parastatal, company or country.
“The Somalia government should know that Somaliland attained her independence from Britain on 26th June 1960. Frankly speaking when Somaliland united with Somalia it was not forced by the barrel of the gun and today no one can command it to rejoin Somalia.”
The opposition boss went further to clear the air about his party ideology pertaining the agreements reached by the former Kulmiye administration he had this to say “We only want all agreements to be transparent so that the opposition party can also review them to see if they have any substance to add to Somaliland general well-being.
The National Party chairman criticized the agreements reached by the government with DP World he stated “We were told the former president a Mr. Silanyo signed an agreement with DP World now we hear the current president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi is signing a deal with DP World the opposition have been kept in the dark. Let them come clean and put the deal on the table for us to scrutinize. Another issue of concern is our opposition to these sprouting of military bases in our country which my party fears will embroil us in an arms race. This country is not ready to become a theatre of war games amongst different warring foreign countries.”

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