Somaliland: President Behi’s Trip Enhances Bi-lateral and Security Relations with UAE


Somalilandsun – According to sources close to the presidency in Hargeisa the entourage headed by president President Musa Behi Abdi has finished most of his undertakings in the UAE thence eminent return home.
During the last leg of the meeting president Musa and his UAE counterpart have decided to strengthen the trade agreement between the two countries.
Furthermore the government of UAE and Somaliland have decided to move in the same direction so that any challenge or obstruction of their trade deal by any foreign entity will opposed forcefully.
The UAE and Somaliland will also cooperate on security matters.
According to latest information reaching us the UAE has accepted the use of Somaliland Passport however before its implementation the government of UAE requested the government of Somaliland to update to the e-passport version.
The UAE government stated that the older Somaliland passport is not secure and can be compromised.
Another good news is that Abudhabi will give Somaliland $300 million whereby $200 million of that money will be deposited at the Central Bank of Somaliland this will help the government of Somaliland fight inflation.
These are the main points that were signed by the president of Somaliland:
1.The renewal of Somaliland passport to the new e-passport version.
2.The Government of UAE will buy slaughtered livestock from Somaliland the meat will be loaded at Berbera port.
3.A new civilian airport will very soon be constructed at Berbera since the former airport improvised to a military airport for UAE.
4.An amount of $300 million will be deposited at Central Bank of Somaliland to fight inflation.
5.Berbera International Port will be the only port allowed to handle livestock to Saudi Arabia.

By Guleid Abdi Maher

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