The Somalia Senate to be led by Senator Abdi Hashi Abdilahi

From top Senator Abdi Hashi Abdilahi , 1st Deputy Sen Ali Shabaan ans 2nd Deputy Sen Abdilahi Ali

Somalilandsun: Senator Abdi Hashi Abdilahi has been tasked with managing affairs at the Somalia Senate during in the country’s 11th Parliament.

The elections by the 54 member senator were held at the Afisioni compound in Mogadishu where Senator Ali Shabaan Ibrahim was elected as1st Deputy Speaker with the 2nd Deputy going to Senator Abdilahi Ali Hirsi.

The senators who together with members of the 275 member House of the People form the bicameral Federal Parliament of Somalia.

Sworn in on  the 14th April this year the Senators who were selected by  14000 delegates composed of regional states and clans have a Constituency based on the same.