The Dual Track Policy on Somaliland and Somalia Depends on Individual Donors


Amb.Augustine Mahiga“Talks between Somaliland and Somalia are very important thus resolve longstanding differences” Amb Mahiga

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Time is now ripe for a resumption of Talks between Somaliland and Somalia.

This was said by Ambassador Augustine Mahiga UN/AU Special representative for the two countries during a telephone interview with reporter Mahmoud Walaleye of Geeska Afrika our sister paper.

While informing that the ultimate end to the talks sanctioned in London during the conference on Somalia in February is permanent resolution to differences between the two united countries also inform that division of donor funds is subject to individual donor inclinations.

Amb Mahiga currently in Nairobi said that time is now ripe for resumption of talks postponed by Somaliland since the transitional government has been phased out and a new permanent administration established in Mogadishu.

Revealing that a UN organized Somalia donors meeting will be held in New York on 26 November the Ambassador hinted on the possibility of Somaliland participating through possible invitation of Ban Ki Moon, secretary general of the world body.

Below are the full verbatim excerpts of the interview

Q. How do you perceive the implications on the absence of Kenya and the Somalia regional administration of Puntland during the swearing of new Somalia president Hasan Sheikh Mahmoud?

A. The most important thing now is to inform of the satisfaction with the way the new president was elected as well, as how he has conducted state affairs so far.

Q. In your view what is the ultimate result of the Somaliland Somalia talks since both sides hold very conflicting agendas?

A. The international community sanctioned the talk’s in-order for the two sides to reach consensus, and since the transitional period has expired, I am hopeful for the talk’s resumption.

Q. What is your position on the US fronted Dual Track policy for Somaliland and Somalia? Who is to apportion each country its share?

A. The implementation of the dual track policy and subsequent direct apportioning of funds to each country is solely a responsibility of individual donors

Meanwhile humanitarian support is another issue and I believe that the needy should be availed the necessary support regardless of where they are, within the two jurisdictions.

Q. When will donors who suspended their support after the TFG expired start engaging the new president financially?

A. All donors are ready to resume their engagement in the country but the final decision will be reached during a forthcoming UN organized Somalia donors meeting in New York on 26 November 2012

Q. Will Somaliland participate in the new York meeting?

A. Am not sure since invitation is made by the secretary general of the United Nations