The African Migrant Routes to the West


Migrants travel in unworthy sea dhingies mostly resulting in deaths in the mediterranean

Somalilandsun – The African contents consist of 53 Countries and every Nation has own its Natural Sources like Oil reserve, Gold, Silver and etc but there no transparency and everything under Corruption and whole contents Black dot in the World and most immigrant nations are: Nigeria, Egypt, Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan, Eretria, Ethiopia, and there youth are in between oceans and graves and they are hugely dying starvation in different areas and locations in the World.
The youth they surviving very difficult and hardship at the time of when they living in their countries whether he/she educated or uneducated and some Nations there is no Humanity at all and they living like animals elder killing young and majority killing minority ethics groups. They doing and killing each other different purposes such as: Political Power, Economy, and land.

Dead migrants
Those matters are causes conflict between the society and it’s created much frustration and suspects among same people living in particular area, the misunderstanding always starting abuses, rivers and grass land areas and it’s very cheap and minor matters they can solve immediately and quickly among them but there is no enough man power and well confidence in the society after that fight and flee out will get chance to enter in every house in the location.
The situation getting so worst and Humanitarian Assistance but most of the African migrants are preferring to Seattle to the Developed Countries or Western Countries, its last dream in order to come out unlimited war in their Countries and there is no development,accountability,responsibility and transparency at all.
When they come and reach the African migrant to the western nations most of them they didn’t get what they thinking while in Africa and the whole matter becoming illusion and they starting regret on their difficult on the sea journey in the Mediterranean sea in order to reach Malta and the Arafura sea to the Australia also they putting risk in their lives just to get better live and they don’t know exactly what is the going on the ground in the particular Country they settled themselves.
By: Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr. Blackgold)
Freelance Journalist and Advocte for Somali Community in India