Somaliland: Good Character For Ramadan


Ramadan is just less than 48 hours away and what is all Ramadan about?

Somalilandsun – Yes Ramadan is about fasting and reciting the quran, giving charity and going to tarawah prayers.

Ramadan is about discipline, and Ramadan is about becoming a better person.
Ramadan is about changing our characters and we have to become a better person and Islam teaches us to have a good attitude and to be polite and we cannot be rude to others. We cannot use profanity, or raise our voice or say things negatively.
We cannot backbite and talk behind a persons back and saying negative things about the person or using slander against the person. Ramadan is also a time forgiveness and Ramadan is time of second chances and that all sins from the previous year will be clear.
Ramadan is not about fighting with one or another whether physically and mentally.
Ramadan is a time that lying and cheating is prohibited and in general lying and cheating is prohibited.
The last 2 weeks of Ramadan in a Muslim country is incredible but at the same time it is very chaotic like holiday season in December here in the west.

There you will witness 2 grown men fighting each other with their fist over a parking space or swearing at each other. Those 2 men have broke their fast and it is allot like not fasting that day or someone annoyed you and you swore at them and your fast is gone and the person who was annoying took your good deed.

I am really concerned about the general Somali public they are good people but they have a tamper problem and they are also rude and mean especially on Ramadan.

Somalis should their habits and become better muslims and change their behavors.

Ramadan is all about being patient and forgiving and even if you are stuck in Traffic just relax and be patient, Allah will reward you.

If someone pushes or insult you just ignore them and forgive them.

Haji/Sheikh Hirsi Duale Warsame

North America