Terror in Somalia


Nigel Brennan and Amanda Lindhout after being released in 2009THOSE who take an interest in media matters will remember the case of Australian photojournalist Nigel Brennan.

By: Ian Cuthbertson The Australian

Somalilandsun- Along with Canadian video journalist Amanda Lindhout, Brennan was kidnapped in Somalia in 2008 and held for 462 days.

The pair lived almost every moment in fear of being executed as family in Australia frantically negotiated with their captors and tried to raise a ransom of more than $1m. This is Brennan’s story, told in his own words to camera as the events and situations he is describing are beautifully played out by fine actors.

We meet them at the airport as they arrive in Somalia and stay with them for what seems like the full 462 days. By this I mean that the piece is so engaging you feel as if you are the one locked up and terrified in a stinking hot Somalian cell. In fact the program moves like a runaway train, as tense as the great episodes of Breaking Bad or The Bridge. Do not miss.

Banged Up Abroad: Nightmare in Somalia, Wednesday, 8.30pm, Nat Geo Adventure