Somaliland: So far, so good


Residents of  Hudun go to the polls for the first timeThank you Somalilanders

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – In echo to NEC chief’s Anglican phrase he interjected in a local Somali TV interview, it is yes, “so far so good”.

Much said, without any qualms we have to live up to our expectations, as obliged, hence continue the remaining steps of the electioneering process.

The most sensitive parts as, for instance, the actual date announcements, campaigns, polling and counting of ballots has come to pass, and with all its acute fevers and tribulations, in a very well manner ; infact, more than well!

To the main stakeholders we appealed to again and again over the past few weeks in this column, we today congratulate them profusely saying “Excellent and thanks a thousand”. As Issse Hamari, we too say, so far so good.

We share the happiness with the people of Somaliland, the government and all the observers who bothered to keep tabs.

We hope that more than a few understood in depth the implications of what Hon. Duur was trying to convey to the country and its real importance.

For the exercises to fold up with such rare incidences vis-à-vis the explicit regional volatility was/is indeed implicitly bars of gold bagged victoriously; that is of course as far as our socio-economical and socio-political lives are concerned, in the now and in the future.

The remaining last hurdle in the processes is the little tabulating left for the NEC chiefs, and of course, constant management of security prevalent.

People have showed controlled and calm nerves for the past four days as they are waiting for the results.

It is once more our hope, wish and appeal that with the same steel nerves, all would show sobriety and maturity as the final results are announced.

Politicians, who would not be able to hide their chagrin as they loose should walk humbly with their victor brethren, or if belligerent, follow the constitution. We have to abide by what legal or civil bonds tie us.

We have to think about our nationhood and what it entails above everything else.

In Defence should be our country and nation to be stood for at all times.

To be counted we should stand up us one solid unit in order to really stand out to be recognized.

NEC and other officials should continue the people’s aspirations by emulating their steadfastness which they so dearly hold onto perpetually with great enthusiasm.

As we come of age politically so should we mature in every field of socio-economical progressive developments?

One major thing that few may not understand is that elections are slowly but surely breaking the chains of tribalism.

As pessimists may want to make the people think that the nation voted along tribal lines, truly the clannish factor is disintegrating slowly as more challenges in inter-parties competitions rise.

Once more, we hope that the results are taken in great strides of maturity for SL to engrave its impact even more in the books of the international community.

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of the government owned Horn Tribune English newspaper published in Hargeisa weekly by the Dawan Media Group