Stop Using Talks with Somaliland as a Somalia Election Gimmick” Sh Sharif Tells President Farmajo

Former Somalia presidents Hasan Sheikh L and Sheikh Sharrif R to challenge incumbemt Farmajo during elections in December

Somalilandsun: The people of Somaliland who were victims of atrocities perpetrated by former Dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre require our sympathy and support.

This was stated by former president of Somalia Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed in Mogadishu as he accused the president Farmajo of trying to make talks with Somaliland a campaign agenda during forthcoming elections in that country.

Stating that the international sanctioned talks between the two countries took root during the Somaliland transitional government he led further accused President Farmajo of destroying all that was garnered in the negotiations by both his administration and that of  Hasan Sheikh that preceded him.

“Allah is witness that citizens of Somaliland have suffered a lot after they discarded their sovereignty and brought their flag to Mogadishu to form the now defunct greater Somalia” Said the ex-president adding that it is unfortunate and sad that the pursuit of Somali unity turned fateful for them under the hands of dictator siyad barre.

Stating that imperatives were for Somalia and Somaliland to conclude their differences politically has been reciprocated by Somalia with nothing but animosity, Sh Sharif wondered how president Farmajo was blind to facts thus encumbering the quest of Somalilanders at every rooftop.

Said he, while Farmajo has committed to resuming the stalled talks with Somaliland we are yet to hear about his negotiations agenda thus hiding this failure by making reunification with Somaliland an election campaign gimmick which he believes will get him reelected.



Revealing that he was confident the intervention of Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the talks shall bear fruits Sheikh Sharif wondered whether Farmajo and his administration shall be able to bring the youthful PM’s efforts to fruition.

In the same breath the ex-president was quick to urge caution on the Ethiopians as pertains intervention in matters between Somaliland and Somalia for the good of the entire region.


Sheikh Sharif whose administration forcibly removed al-shabaab from Mogadishu is together with former President Hasan Sheikh Mahmud and a couple of others have declared their candidacy for the Somalia presidency during elections slated for later in the year.







  1. So is Sheikh Shariff standing with the demands of president Bihi of Somaliland?. I have realised that president Farmajo has not addressed president Bihi as his excellency, how cheeky. Through meaningful talks will the issues be resolved, but remember the stumbling block is equal partners. However, if the Somali government continues its stance as big brother, then as a neutral analytical observer get ready for the bumpy ride ahead.

    The opening statements are diplomatic, there seems to be a hell lot of animosity and further proof expectation would unfortunately be shuttered.
    The bigger picture my heart prays agreement is reached between the two nations, although going by the previous meetings. A bigger gap that is not acknowledged keeps jumping out of the Pandora’s box.

    I am readying to enjoy the ride anyway. All the best.

    Hassan Ibrahim