Specialized Spanish Counter Piracy Patrol Vessel Joins EU Naval Force in Gulf of Aden


As of 1st September 2012 the EU’s counter piracy task force (EUNAVFOR) has been augmented by the addition of the offshore patrol vessel RELAMPAGO of the Spanish Navy.

The RELAMPAGO, a member of Spains newest BAM class of warships, is a high performance, modular vessel capable of being adapted to a number of roles including:

• Protection and escort of other ships in low intensity/asymmetric warfare situations

• Control of maritime traffic

• Control and neutralization of terrorism and piracy

• Operations against drug trafficking and human trafficking

• Search and rescue

• Support for crisis situations and humanitarian aid

• Control of fishing laws

• Control of environmental legislation and anti-pollution.

Shes joins EUNAVFOR well prepared in the counter-piracy role as well as being able to offer protection to maritime shipping. The addition of RELAMPAGO to the counter piracy mission heralds a new generations of smaller, highly adaptable vessels which will be able to use their high speed and modern equipment to monitor ever increasing portions of the high risk area.