SomCom Seeks Telcoms Investment


Somalilandsun – spectrum licence from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, is seeking investment of USD100 million, TMT Finance reports.

The company claims that its licence includes 2×20MHz of spectrum in the 900MHz frequency band (suitable for the provision of GSM services), 2×40MHz at 1800MHz (GSM and 4G LTE), 2×60MHz at 2100MHz (UMTS 3G) and 2×20MHz in the 2600MHz range (4G LTE). The licence has an initial 15-year term with a renewal option and no rollout or service obligations; it is technology-neutral allowing voice and mobile data, as well as value added services (VAS) such as mobile money. According to SomCom’s website, the firm ‘is now seeking an investment partner to realise the potential of the licence in the Somali market’.
Source – Telegraphy