Somaliland: Khatumoist Militia Commemorate 54th Independence Day with National Army in Taleeh


Ex-clan militias aligned to Khatumo are inducted into the Somaliland national army in Taleeh

By: Yusuf M Hasan
TALEEH (Somalilandsun) – A full company strength Khatumoist militia has joined the Somaliland National Army.
150 militiamen plus eight fully armed technical’s (War wagons) were officially absorbed by the national army at a function in Taleeh where the army’s Eastern regions operations officer, Colonel Mohamed Aden ‘Dabagale’ said the armed forces welcome the former militias who shall treated equally with other servicemen and women as from 26th June 2014
“Now that you have been enrolled as members of the Somaliland army you are going to receive equally treatment with your serving colleagues, be they from Sayla or Erigavo” Said Col Dabagale
While informing that the new servicemen shall start receiving their monthly remuneration and ration as from this month, June, Colonel Dabagale who commended the ex-militiamen for having refused orders to engage the army in Taleeh district recently also said the Somaliland armed forces is a structured institution charged with national defence.

The ex clan miliitas now full members of the Somaliland army mount a guard of honour in Taleeh  for visiting officials from Hargerisa
“Now that you are members of the army you are expected to handle your duties with discipline and adherence to the chain of command in addition to being prepared to not only owe allegiance to the Somaliland constitution but defend your country with diligence whenever called upon” said Col Dabagale
The 150 who are former clan militiamen with allegiance to the Secessionists in some parts of Sool region with intent to former a Khatumo state purportedly to have been hived-off parts of Somaliland join over 1000 former colleagues who have recanted Khatumoism and joined the National army within a year.
The ceremony inducting the former Dulbahante clan militia into the country’s disciplined forces held in Taleeh town was witnessed by a large crowd that included residents, local traditional and civic leaders, and a high powered delegation from Hargeisa.

L-R Somaliland ministers Hirsi Haji Ali Ali Sandule and Ali Waranade are mobbed by Somaliland flag waving residents of Taleeh
The Hargeisa delegation that is in Taleeh to establish public administration following the eviction of Khatumoist by the Army include presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali and composed of Interior minister Ali Mohamed Waran’ade, Minister of Water development, Minister of Eastern Regions peacebuliding and dev Ali Sandule, minister of Youth and sports, MPs Ali Koore and Abdiqadir Indo-Indio among other senior officials in addition to the Somaliland army, police and prisons service commanders.
According to the interior minister Ali Mohamed Waran’ade the induction of clan militias to the army is the basis of prevailing peace in the country where similar activities like the one in Taleeh have been undertaken over the years.
“we congratulate the people of Taleeh district who have taken their opportunity to induct clan militias into the national army just like other clans have done during the 23 years since Somaliland withdrew from its voluntary union with Somalia” said Waran’ade

A section of residents welcoming the visiting government delegation to Taleeh
As we celebrate 54 years of independence from Britain and 23 years since we pulled out of the voluntary union with Somalia, the government of Somaliland is pleased to absorb you into the national army, the presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali told the ex-militia of company strength.

Watch the Function in Taleeh