Somaliland:We Won’t Accept an Electoral Commission that has Lost Confidence of Political Parties to Run another Election” Irro Says


Somalilandsun:The opposition National Party (Wadani) chief Mr.Abdirahman Mohammed
Abdillahi (Irro) has stated that his party is not ready to participate in
an election over seen by the current crop of commissioners who he claimed
have lost the confidence of the opposition parties. The parliamentary and
council election is expected to be held in early 2019.

The opposition was speaking following his return from along sojourn abroad
whereby he was away for about forty days. The opposition chief said that
his party is in support of a peaceful eventuality in the El-Afweine and
Tukaraq saga.

The National Party boss was welcomed like a king upon his arrival at Egal
International Airport after which he addresses the press.

“I thank Allah Almighty who has made me reach safe and sound to my
destination of several European countries. I was accompanied by the party’s
human rights secretary general Miss.Fadumo Said, to Belgium, Denmark,
Sweden and Germany. We met different European leaders and held worthwhile
discussions informing them about Somaliland plight and situation. Our
discussion touched on internal security, economic development; job creation
and electoral process are amongst the important issues put forward not to
forget Somaliland ambition of becoming a sovereign state. Following our
trip we have seen for our self that Somaliland standing in the
international arena is at all times low following the poor foreign policy
engineered by the Kulmiye administration.

Speaking about the upcoming election Mr.Irro said “The National Party is
ready to compete in the upcoming parliamentary and council elections
however is the referee (the electoral commission) has lost our faith how
you expect us to enter into an election run by suspect persons.”

The opposition boss called on the warring faction of El-Afwein to come to
the peace table and stop the recurring conflict.