Somaliland:Somaliland President Sends Complaint Letter to UN Secretary General Concerning Envoy to Somaliland/Somalia


Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has sent a letter of
complaint to the UN Secretary General Mr.Antonio Gutteres about the
unbecoming behavior of his ambassador to Somaliland/Somalia Mr.Michael
Keating. The president letter dated 18/6/2018 stated that the UN special representative to Somaliland and Somalia sent him a letter on 10/6/2018 which was one sided in response, inaccurate as to the facts, disrespectful in tone and not helpful at all regarding the ongoing conflict in Tukaraq pitting Somaliland and Somalia.s

President Bihi wrote that when he first met with ambassador Keating the
government of Somaliland assured him that three points will be implemented
to the latter the cessation of hostilities, full access to humanitarian
assistance and establishment of communications between the military
commanders on the ground.

The head of state speaking about ambassador Keating blindness to see or
acknowledge the massive stride Somaliland has stridden to create a peace
and security unmatchable in the Horn of Africa. He also cited the
democratic governments elected in Somaliland in the past 27 years since
regaining her sovereign right to rule herself and the economic development
the country has enjoyed as a result of a tranquil environment promoting

“It is disgusting to hear ambassador Keating calling for the peace
building, political process and reconciliation this is wrong.” President
Bihi stated. He refuted claims by representative Keating that Somaliland is
entering a process of peace and reconciliation.

Somaliland has been in existence for the past 27 years whereby it has
coexisted with her neighbors peacefully. “There is a strong
democratically elected
government in place that came to power through a free and fair elections
and witnessed by international observers who gave it a clean bill of
health.” The president said in the letter to the UN chief.

The president further stated that Somaliland has to rebuild from
scratch to build the country’s economy which had been blundered by the
former Somalia despot Mohammed Siad Bare, hence Somaliland is not ready for
another conflict at her door steps.

“It’s wrong for the Somalia government to start another proxy war with
Puntland region a third party in the conflict being fronted to disturb
peace and tranquility of Somaliland.”

“Mr. Secretary General Somaliland has always had the best working
relationship with the UN and endeavors in strengthening that good rapport
however we wish that the current or future ambassador you appoint to
Somaliland/Somalia portfolio won’t come to fuel the fire of anarchy and
instead will strive to even improve the good relationship I have

The president added that Tukaraq hamlet where the Somaliland army is
stationed is inside Somaliland territory and the international border of
1894 is 70 kilometers beyond Tukaraq village.

This is an international boundary that was earmarked in 1894 by the British
the colonial masters of Somaliland. The 1964 declaration the AU
understates that that the colonial borders demarcations represent the
legitimate borders of nations of Africa.

The letter that angered the president*

Herein we bring to you the letter that president Musa Bihi refers in his
address to the UN secretary general written to him by Ambassador Michael

According to the letter’s contents it looks as if the UN special envoy is
referring to a letter written by president Musa Bihi Abdi of Somaliland to
the UN Secretary General Mr.Antonio Gutteres dated 28 day of May 2018
discussing about the Tukaraq war between Somaliland and Somalia. Ambassador
Keating letter to president Bihi dated 10/6/2018 confirm that the envoy is
not pleased by the letter written to the Secretary General.

The following are the ambassador’s sentiments in the aforementioned

The secretary general has requested me to answer the letter you wrote him
on 28/5/2018 that concerns the Tukaraq war. The Secretary General is
demoralized by the conflict because a lot had been accomplished in the
peace and reconciliation of the Somalis and building of a stable government
in Somalia.

The military of Somaliland is supposed to work in maintaining peace and
countering the prevalent insecurity instead of starting another war and
causing displacement of the civilian population and another humanitarian

The Secretary General is calling for the implementation of the four points
that is the cease of hostilities, the opening for a humanitarian corridor
for the displaced people and opening of a communication channel between the
commanders of the warring armies.

Pertaining Somaliland independence the Secretary General stated in the
letter that there are international procedures for Somaliland to follow to
be allowed into the United Nations as a Republic hence he suggested the
start of the Somaliland/Somalia talks to complete the process of Somaliland
reintegration into the Global Community.