Somaliland:Three Injured in a City Council of Hargeisa Operation to Move People Living Near Qudha-Dheer Dam


Somalilandsun: A contingent of police officers implementing a government directive to
resettle some people living around Qudha-Dheer Dam were pelted with stones
and other crude weapons by the residents who resisted to bulge. According
to news reaching Somaliland sun the angry inhabitants refused to accept the
government plan to resettle them in a higher land.

An eye witness at the scene told Somaliland sun that the city council
trucks loaded with cops from different police stations raided the village
in the wee hours of the morning a tried to forcefully resettle them. This
infuriated the agitated residents who started throwing stones and whatever
they could put on their hands.

In the ensuing melee police used live bullets to disperse the rowdy
residents. They shot three bystanders.

The Qudha-Dheer Dam recently busted her banks and swept away two children
and their mother the mother was later found unconscious while her children
died. The government thus planned to resettle them however the enforcers
were trigger happy.

The deputy mayor Mr.Abdiaziziz Mohammed Hashi was wounded by a stray stone
thrown by the resistant residents.

By:Guled Abdi Mahir